AgelessFace™️ 4oz Wholesale

AgelessFace™️ 4oz Wholesale

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Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of Rose, Tuberose & Rosewood, Aloe Vera, Carageenan, Calcium, L-lysine, MSM, Beta Glucan, Vitamin A, C & E in a base of Melissa, Chickweed & Helichrysum extracted in SELECTROLYTES®.

These ingredients have been referenced as/for/assists with: facial skin cell repletion, skin moisturizing/protection, healing infections/wounds/cold sores, anti-inflammatory/microbial/septic, calming, acne, aging/tired skin, eczema, prevents wrinkles, tissue regeneration, increasing one’s capacity for emotional depth, promoting serenity of mind & heart & as an aphrodisiac.

Healing Lotion

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